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Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 777 challenge coin

This custom police coin is die struck brass, plated with Antique Silver, measures 1.75 inches in diameter and features soft enamel paint color on both sides

Baltimore County Police Department challenge coin

This Baltimore County Police Homicide Unit coin is die struck brass, measures 1.56 inches in diameter, features shiny gold plating, sandblasting, rope edge, soft enamel paint and epoxy on both sides, and high relief 3D metal on the reverse side.

NYPD challenge coin

This New York Police Department Service Area 7 coin measures 1.625 inches in diameter, is die struck, has nickel and shiny copper plating, soft enamel paint color on both sides, and a Twist diamond cut edge. It's an honor for Spartan Coins to be a part of the distinguished history of the NYPD. We currently have 3 more NYPD coins in production that will be displayed here shortly.

Mesa Arizona Police Explorers Post 2055 challenge coin

This custom challenge coin below is die struck brass, measures 1.75 inches in diameter, features soft enamel paint color and epoxy on both sides and a high relief 3D badge.

See the Mesa Arizona Police Volunteer Award coin.

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