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Personalized Coins

Here are some special features that can be added to your custom challenge coins. You can also view standard and enhanced packaging, presentation and display options available to you. If you're new to creating custom coins then you may want to read our blog. We go beyond frequently asked questions to answer questions you may not have thought to ask.

Edge Text

High relief 3D metal

Two Tone Plating - Dual Plated Custom Coins


Photographic Printing

Special Edges

Below is a reeded or fluted edge example. A reeded edge can be accomplished using two different techniques. This edge can be built into a die cast mould or a collar can be used for a die struck coin.

Below are a couple of examples of diamond cut edges. The first example is a twist diamond cut edge. The second is a flat diamond cut edge.


Epoxy fills in all nooks and crannies left by using soft enamel paint color. If you want to be able to feel the raised and recessed metal of your custom coin then you will not want to add epoxy.

Custom Coin Display and Packaging Options

Standard Packaging (for round coins smaller than 2.50 inches in diameter

Plastic Capsules

Wood Presentation and Display Boxes: $8.95 each

One question I get asked fairly often is how my coins compare in size to a half dollar. The picture belows shows my 1.56 inch coin (our smallest size) beside a United States fifty cent piece.

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