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The facts are, we make and sell quality challenge coins for less than our competition, period! This is where we prove that statement by sharing our unique pricing specials as well as normal every day, industry leading, cost saving opportunities. We did not set out to be known for affordable custom challenge coins, but we agree with the idea that custom coin set up fees should NOT cost an arm and a leg.

How to make coins with us.

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How About an Industry Leading Special Offer?

At Spartan Coins we believe in walking our own path, which usually leads to you saving money. One thing we do that really sets us apart from our competition is we always offer 50 percent off your die fee when you order 150 coins or more. This offer is available for coins measuring up to 2.25 inches longest dimension, special shapes included. This is just another way we're knocking down the barrier of entry for all those looking to create their own custom coins.

Get 50 percent off your coin mold fee when you order 150 pieces or more!

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Price Match Guarantee

We always offer a price match guarantee. We appreciate the unique opportunity to make custom coins and we would love the opportunity to serve you. Provide us with your competing quotes which include all details such as coin thickness and type (die struck brass or die-cast zinc alloy) and we will be happy to beat any competitor's price by at least $25 for coin orders of 100 pieces or more!

If your custom coin vendor has gone out of business then perhaps we can offer you a discounted die fee in exchange for one (physical coin) of the coin you're wanting to duplicate.

Every Day Cost Saving Opportunities

The cost savings that we offer each and every month without fail are as follows. Orders of 150 coins up to 299 coins receive 50 percent of their die fee for coin sizes up to 2.25 inches. Dies are free for orders of 300 coins or more - for coins measuring up to 2.25 inches. Extra thickness for Die-cast zinc alloy coins is always free - so instead of receiving a 3MM thick coin you will receive a 4MM thick coin.

High relief 3D metal costs vary. The normal full cost is $75 per side or $150 for two sides. This cost may fluctuate down depending upon the size of the 3D image.

Please note, special offers may not be combined and are subject to cancellation without notice.

Savings so good it's like getting FREE coins!

New for 2018

Shipping will be charged on coins larger than 2 inches beginning January 1, 2018.

Shipping is one of those expenses that seems to increase every year. We have done a good job managing these expenses thus far, however after a lot of internal deliberation we have decided to begin charging shipping on coin sizes larger than 2 inches effective January 1, 2018. Please note that all coin orders of 49 pieces or less will always be charged shipping regardless of coin size. on Facebook on Google Plus   #SPARTANcoins on Twitter   Spartan Coins on YouTube

There is NO better time than right now to order custom coins. May you always be blessed with many things to be grateful for.
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