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Spartan Coins is the custom coin manufacturer with the legendary name. You may find yourself wondering what purpose creating your own custom coin serves. I believe custom commemorative coins create a very unique medium on which to convey your message. These personalized coins can be used as business cards, incentive or recognition awards, to celebrate a milestone, birthday or family reunion just to name a few.

Our custom minted coins can be manufactured as die struck brass or die cast zinc alloy. Our round coins are usually die struck brass based coins unless requested otherwise by our client. Special shaped coins are also available and can be either die struck or die cast depending on the intricacy of the design.

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Custom made coins can be designed as bottle openers, key chains or even large medallions that can be attached to a neck ribbon. We can also create custom lapel pins, custom medals, ball markers, tie tacks and pretty much any other custom metal product.

Price fluctuates depending on size, quantity ordered and additional features such as paint color, special edges, sequential numbering, two tone plating or epoxy.

Spartan brand custom coins

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